We are a family-owned company established in 2004. We started out in the production and construction sectors, in which we gained a large circle of partners. From the very start we have been building our relationships based on trust, customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility. We are constantly observing the changing market and raising standards to offer the best quality products and services. With this strategy we have won a large group of satisfied contractors, which resulted in thriving business as well as many interesting and inspiring projects.

During the period of nearly 20 years of market existence in various industries, we needed many types of workwear for our professionals. We were not able to find products that would fully meet our requirements. We were searching mainly for comfort and freedom of movement, very high resistance to mechanical wear, aesthetics and ecological approach to production. Therefore, we decided that the best solution would be to design our own clothes to have the guarantee of the quality and functionality we needed. This is when the idea to create BREGO SAFETY brand emerged.

With long-term experience, cooperation with various professionals and innovative approach to production we managed to create products of supreme quality. At the stage of design, we bear in mind the comfort of users and their demanding work performed in various conditions. We pay special attention to particulars, taking care of the smallest details. There is no room for randomness in our designs. Each element is well-thought-out and consulted with the most demanding users in order to create functional and durable clothing that allows them to focus on productive work. Following the design stage, the finished product undergoes a series of usability tests, during which we check their comfort and functionality as well as durability and resistance to mechanical wear. Our tests and design adjustments are completed only after we achieve a perfect result and full satisfaction of end-users.

Having created the perfect workwear that won the approval of our wide range of specialists, we decided to share it with other users who also value the functionality and quality of products.

One may say that BREGO SAFETY brand was created in response to the lack of satisfactory products that we needed for ourselves. The workwear we manufacture meets our requirements, so we guarantee that other users will also be satisfied.